Meet the Writer

Hi! I’m Lou and I’m a fourth year Law and Human Rights student at the University of Essex, based at the Colchester Campus. I am currently the Law Communications and Recruitment Frontrunner Plus. This means that I’ll be writing a lot on this blog and if you come to an applicant day, you might spot me during lunch. Over my nearly four years at Essex I’ve learnt so much about the Law School and the university in general. I can’t wait to share all I know with you!

So you can get to know me, here’s five quick facts about me:

  1. My course was restructured for the year after I joined the university, so along with three other students I am one of the last people to do the four year Law and Human Rights degree. However you can still take the LLB Law with Human Rights!
  2. I’m currently an Executive Officer for two societies, the Law Society and the Harry Potter Society. You can almost always find me at a society meeting!
  3. I am a Disney fanatic – I’ve visited Disneyland Paris nearly every year and sometimes twice a year, for the past NINE years and have been to Disney World in Florida twice.
  4. My favourite place to study is the fourth floor of the library in the group study room. I love having a little bit of noise in the background and you get a lovely view from the window of Wivenhoe House and the lakes.
  5. I also love musical theatre! I helped the current executive team set up the Musical Theatre Appreciation Society and try to get to London to see a musical once a month. My current favourite is Hamilton and I’m going for my sixth time in May.

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