5 places you can get help whilst at University

No matter what your issue, the University of Essex and the Student’s Union will always try to help and assist you. In this post, we’ll look at 5 of the many services on campus that are designed to help you.

1. The Law School
The Law School has two main support services, they are your administrator and also your Personal Tutor.
1.a) Your Administrator/ The Law General Office
The Education administrators in the Law Office are there to help you, you can find them in 5s.5.5. They’ve often helped guide me through processes like enrolling on modules or even pointing me in the right direction!
1.b) Your Personal Tutor
A Personal Tutor is assigned to you when you arrive at Essex and is your first point of call for any academic issues you have. They will be a member of staff from the Law School and will contact you at various times during your time at Essex. Whether it’s getting an academic reference for job applications or advice about what modules you should take, your Personal Tutor will be more than happy to meet with you to have a chat.

2. The Student Services Hub
The Student Services Hub is a one stop shop for almost any issue you could have while at university. Whether it’s about university accommodation, disabilities, exam stress, money issues or almost anything else, there is someone at the Hub, the Finance Desk or the Information Desk who can help you out or will help you find someone who can. They’re open every day and have drop in services so you’re always able to get help.

The Student Information Desk in action!

3. SU Advice
The Student’s Union runs a service called SU Advice, which you can find on Square 3 at the Colchester campus. They can help with many issues like student conduct, immigration, volunteering and housing and their trained advisors will always try their best to help you solve any issues. As a plus, they’re also available during vacation times, so you have the reassurance that you will always have support.

4. The Talent Development Centre
Run by the University, the Talent Development Centre is the place to go for help with writing, maths, and even English language! Every week they provide workshops on a range of different things from structuring an essay to presentation skills. They also provide lots of online resources to help with maths, writing and research skills. All questions asked to the Talent Development Centre are confidential, so you can have peace of mind when asking for help.

5. Employability and Careers Centre
Whether you want a job, an internship, volunteering opportunities or CV advice the Employability and Careers Centre. They also run the Big Essex Award, which helps identify the skills you’ve developed over your time at Essex so that you can show future employers why they should hire you. Both extracurricular and volunteering activities that you complete are eligible to be added to your award, and you could leave university with certificates proving your skills. The Employability and Careers Centre also supports you after you graduate with their Generation Essex programme and opportunities for CV reviews and careers advice long after you graduate!

All in all, you will always find someone to help solve any problem you have while at the University of Essex.
All anyone here wants is to help you achieve success!

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