School of Law Photography Competition 2019

This year we asked our students to submit a photo that they’ve taken during their time at Essex Law School. It was open to all current School of Law students and the theme was Justice.

just behaviour or treatment.
“a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people”

We received some great entries this year but 5 really stood out. Here is this years shortlist!


Submission by: Charlotte Durup de Baleine (LLB English and French law)
Title: untitled
Description: Today I was running and I stopped because the van caught my eye at first sight. He embodies the journey and thus reflects the international atmosphere of the university and the desire to go ever further. How can one legitimately fight for a certain idea of justice without being aware of the society and the world around us? This will is made possible by the work, represented to the left of the van by the heart of the university: the library. We therefore have a context, an objective and a means, but it is the actors who stimulate this university life and may be the future of justice : the students. The photo emphasizes their role through the double inscription of the word “student” and especially “the Student Union”: the driving force of the university of Essex. All in all, I choose the subject of the university to draw a parallel with justice because it embodies the multidisciplinary approach necessary to the understanding of the world oriented to my legal convictions.

A stone of hope.

Submission by: Luis Yanes De Dominicis (PhD Human Rights and Research Methods, School of Law).
Title: A stone of hope.
Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington DC.
50 years after his murder, Martin Luther King Jr. continues to inspire many us to fight for a world filled with fairness, tolerance, and justice.

Dawn of Justice

Submission by: Marcus Osinfolarin (LLB Law)
Title: Dawn of Justice
Description: this photo of the sun rising over Colchester reminds me that with each new day comes a new wrong being set right. As Tupac Shakur said, “For every dark night, there’s a brighter day after that.”


Submission by: Paulina Madero Suarez (LLM International Human Rights Law, School of Law)
Title: Sunday
Description: The photo was taken in Chatuchak weekend market. The boy in the picture laid under his parents food stand, bored , and sweating, while tourists tried to bargain food prices from his parents. This image portrays how social injustice in the south globe affects childhood; where picnics and park walk during the weekends are not the expectation.

We’re All The Same

Submission by: Ronnie Rodrigues (LLB Law)
Title: We’re All The Same
Description: The very meaning of Justice varies from different country and different people. And yet, no matter where we go, we seek the same thing; Peace and Harmony. The picture shown proves that very meaning. Every step of the staircase shows different languages, law and justice, but it’s all the very same goal, they want to feel at ease in where they are living regardless of which country. The diversity of culture in the University of Essex is what makes this very staircase great. Everyone seeks Peace and Harmony no matter where they are from and as for the man standing in the middle of it, he wonders if true peace and harmony can be achieve knowing that everyone has the same goal in mind. In the end, we’re all the same.

UPDATE: Congratulations!

On Tuesday 19 February 2019 Luis Yanes de Dominicis was announced as this year’s winner of the Essex Law School Photography Competition. We saw a great turn out in the Common Room as students and staff came together to view the entries. This year’s standard was very high so well done to all the finalists, including our runner up Ronnie Rodrigues.

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