What is a law lecture like?

When coming to university you may have ever been in a lecture hall before, which can be a nerve wracking experience. I know when I first came to Essex I had no idea how big the lecture halls were. I also didn’t realise how many people would be in them. Today I’m going to try and help put your mind at ease before you arrive, by showing you what a typical lecture is like.

I visited a criminal law lecture, given by Dr Audrey Guinchard, in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre at the Colchester Campus.

As with every lecture at the University of Essex, I started by tapping in. This is the way attendance is recorded using your registration card. This is really important and gets checked regularly by the Professional services staff in the School to make sure you are engaging in lectures.

Tapping in outside the lecture hall.

The Ivor Crewe houses the two largest lecture halls on campus, Auditorium A and Auditorium B. For this lecture we were in Auditorium A, however for big events like graduation the two auditoriums can be made into one big hall.

Ivor Crewe Auditorium A.

The lecture I attended was about defences available in criminal law, specifically duress and necessity. In this picture you can see the PowerPoint being projected onto the big screen so it is visible to everyone.

You may think it would be difficult to hear a lecturer in such a large room, but luckily all the big lecture halls have microphones and speakers so everyone is able to hear the lecturer.

Dr Guinchard speaking about necessity.

All of the chairs in the lecture hall have tables attached to the arm, so it doesn’t matter whether you prefer to use a notebook or a laptop in lectures because there’s always something to lean on – you could even use both!

Notepads and laptops are both used in lecture.

This lecture lasted 2 hours, but after the first 50 minutes we got a 10 minute break to stretch our legs and get a drink. Unfortunately I had to leave at that point as I had my own final year class, but you must stay for the whole lecture!

A view from the back of the lecture hall.

In lectures you’re not often expected to have the answers to questions, it’s a time for you to learn the material so you can answer questions in tutorials and seminars later. Overall, I hope I can assure all of you that lectures aren’t scary, and neither is being in a big hall like the Ivor Crewe.

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