5 of the best places to study on the Colchester campus

As a law student, you often find yourself with a couple of hours gap in between lectures and classes. These gaps are the perfect time to get studying and assignments done so you have more free time at home!

1. Law School Common Room
Want to be surrounded by fellow law students? This area on the second floor of the law school is welcoming to all law students and has comfy sofas to relax on while you work, as well as more traditional desks. In this space you also have access to a kitchen with a kettle, microwaves and coffee maker so you can settle in for a long day of work in here. You also get a lovely view of the east side of campus, including our lovely lakes.

The Law School Common Room

2. The Library – Law Floor
The 4th floor of the library is dedicated to all the law books you could ever imagine. Whether you choose the “old” wing or the “new” wing you’ll find comfy seats, plug sockets and computers, as well as being surrounded by new and old law textbooks. There’s also a group study room on this floor, so if you need to discuss an upcoming group project there’s a place for you to go! Plus, the library is now 24/7!

3. The Library – Reading Room
The ground floor reading room in the library is a great place to go if you prefer a light buzz of noise while you study. With over 30 computers on top of lots of desk space and two multi-function printers you can get all your work done in one space. You can also borrow laptops from this area, meaning you have no excuse not to study! You can also do group work in this area of the library, and can have cold food and drinks.

4. The Silberrad Centre
The Silberrad Student Centre top floor is a space dedicated for students who like studying with more noise and chatting with friends while you work The open plan nature allows for collaboration with friends, while the ground floor offers many computers and study pods with projectors and whiteboards.

5. The Orangery
If you like studying while eating a hot meal and a bigger screen to work on, this is the place to go. Situated within Zest which serves Costa Coffee and delicious food, you’re able to get your caffeine fix throughout the day. With 7 study pods, you can complete group work in peace as well as being able to keep your devices charged.

Pods 4 and 5

Overall, my favourite places to study are the 4th floor group study room in the library and the law school common room, but once you arrive here at Essex you’re sure to find your favourite study spot pretty quickly!

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