Ways to get your voice heard as a Law Student

There’s many ways to get your voice heard while at Essex, here’s some of the best ways that you can utilise as a student!

Every year the UK Engagement Survey is sent to all undergraduate students across UK universities to find out what students think of their university, course and much more. It’s sent out yearly to non final year undergraduate students (generally 1st or 2nd year students) and for every survey completed Essex donates £1 to charity! If you’re an undergraduate and haven’t completed the survey yet, click here!

2. NSS
The National Student Survey is similar to UKES but is only for final year undergraduate students. Like UKES, it allows students to speak about the university and course and is published yearly for applicants to see what current students say about the university they’re looking at. As with the UKES, £1 gets donated to charity for each completed survey. This is the best opportunity to share opinions on a wide scale, and helps future students know what Essex is like! If you’re a final year and haven’t completed the survey yet, click here!

3. Student Reps
As a Student, or Module, Representative you’re able to take the views of your fellow students and help make a change! As a Student Rep you collect termly feedback from modules that you’re in, and take that to the Student Staff Liaison Committee with senior members of the Law School where ideas can be shared and changes can be made to help support students better. It can be anything from changing assessment criteria to making the Common Room better. This year Student Reps have helped open the Law Common Room kitchen to undergraduate students and opened discussions with lecturers to consider new methods of assessment!

4. SU Ideas
The Students’ Union website has an area solely for sharing your ideas with everyone at Essex. On this page you can submit ideas that you think will benefit students, as well as supporting ideas that other students have made. There is also a space to discuss ideas before they are voted on, and students have 10 days to vote whether the idea should be worked on by the SU. Previous successful ideas include creating a new plastic policy for the SU, introducing a Trans Officer to the executive team, and setting aside time for student DJ’s to perform in Sub Zero.

5. SU Big 5
Every year the Students’ Union opens voting to decide the 5 issues they should focus on in the upcoming year. These 5 issues will be the centre of the SU’s plans in the following year and will be the focus of their advocacy to the University for change. Last year the 5 issues students chose were Accommodation, Mental Health, Study Spaces, Cost of Living, and My Course. Voting is currently open for the next year, so if you’re a current student you can submit your ideas here.

Overall, at Essex you can always get your voice heard across the campus on lots of different issues.

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