Essex Law School 2019 Mooting Competition Results!

The Student Experience team would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s Essex Law School mooting competition. This year over sixty students competed, resulting in Thomas Russell and Jonathan Langstone, Emma Newton and Muibudeen Obot being this years finalists.

The final took place on 21 March 2019 and this year’s judges were
Nicholas Bacon QC and Professor Maurice Sunkin QC from the Law School. The moot scenario revolved around judicial review, specifically the ground of abuse of power. The mooters had to investigate the degree of discretion that local authorities can exercise in taking decisions on the use of public funds.

After an intense debate on the chosen topic and careful consideration from the judges, the winners were chosen. We would like to congratulate respondents, Emma L Newton and Muibudeen Obot (First years students) for winning this year’s Essex Law School mooting competition.

Left to Right: Thomas Russell, Jonathan Langstone,
Nicholas Bacon QC, Professor Karen Hulme – Head of the Law School,
Professor Maurice Sunkin QC, Emma Newton and Muibudeen Obot.

All the participants of the mooting competition final then received a certificate presented to them by our Head of School, Professor Karen Hulme.

Each of the runners up of the competition received a £25 Amazon voucher each, while the winners received £50 each and they will also take part in a mini-pupillage with Nicholas Bacon QC. Well done again to Emma and Muibudeen and to Thomas and Jonathan for being worthy opponents!

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