5 Reasons our SU is the Best

At the University of Essex we have an amazing Students’ Union that helps fight for the things that Students need on campus, as well as supporting students throughout their degree. From having two shops on the Colchester Campus, to a Salon with reduced prices for Students, and SUHomes a sevice which helps you find a place to stay after first year, the SU supports you throughout your time at Essex. Here’s 5 reasons why I think our SU is the best!

1. SU Liberations
The Liberation networks at Essex are groups of students who need representation across campus. Every year a new Officer is voted on to lead the network, and also have a chairperson, secretary and other positions to ensure the network runs effectively. Every term the networks run events to help shape what the network does on campus, as well as fun events to meet other network members. These liberation networks have helped instate female-only swimming sessions at Colchester Leisure World and creating the position of a Trans Officer to represent Trans students at Essex.

Currently we have the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Network, the Students’ with Disabilities Network, the International Students Association, LGBTQ+ Students Network, Mature Students’ Network (if you start university at 21+), Postgraduate Students Network, Student Parent Network and the Women’s Network!

2. Student Parliament
The SU Student Parliament is where the SU is guided on what to focus on. Parliament members include representatives from all the Liberation networks, all full time and part time SU Officers and representatives from other groups on campus – such as societies and sports clubs.

Recently they’ve helped to change the Zero-Tolerance Policy towards Harassment to make it more clear and also to bring it up to date, as well as creating a subgroup to tackle parking issues.

3. V-Team
The V-Team is the SU’s volunteering service offering opportunities around Colchester for one off projects, regular projects and even volunteering placements for extended periods. These can help you in preparing for future employment, and also give you the chance to help others in the community.

Recent projects include: regular project Street Law, which involved going into local schools to teach students their legal rights, a placement in Colchester Zoo assisting with Discovery and Learning, and the one off litter picking project at the Quays.

4. SU Venues
The SU runs a number of venues on campus designed to give students’ the best deal whether buying a meal deal for lunch or going for drinks in the evening. As these venues are run by students anyone can request a product be stocked in any of the shops, or even to request a new beer to be served in SU Bar!

Currently the SU runs, on the Colchester Campus: two SU Stores that stock grocery items as well as meal deals; Everything Essex which includes a Post Office and caters to your stationary needs (as well as selling a cuddly campus cat!); The Kitchen serving hot drinks throughout the day; Cine10 which shows everything from the latest blockbusters to classics like Rocky Horror Picture Show; Top Bar which is the “classy” bar on campus and the home of Postgrad students; BASE Bar and Club, our smaller and more chilled venue on campus; SU Bar which serves food and drink, open until late every night and hosting Karaoke Nights, Pub Quizzes and more; MOA, a chicken restaurant similar to a cheap chain favourite; and finally Sub Zero, the campus nightclub.

5. SU Advice
SU Advice is the place to go on campus if you’re having any issue at all. From housing, to exam issues, to immigration, you can make an appointment with a friendly adviser who will give you free, confidential advice and can signpost you to other services if you need it. They are also the place to go if you’re having money troubles, and can help you apply for SU and University hardship loans and grants.

SU Advice is even open during vacation periods, so there’s always a way for you to get help when you need it.

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