5 best places to relax on campus

1. SU Bar
The SU Bar is the main bar on campus if you want to relax, it even has a Starbucks if you need that caffeine kick. The SU Bar serves food and drink all day, and late into the night, as well as having weekly quizzes and showing most football games on the big screens. There’s even Milk It on a Monday where you can show off your pipes at karaoke.

2. Top Bar/Fusion
Top Bar is the more chilled bar on campus, although it gets busy quick in the evening! Generally seen as the more ‘classy’ bar as it’s branded ‘The Home of Postgraduates’ but anyone can head up there to grab a cocktail any day of the week. The bar is attached to one of the many restaurants on campus, Fusion, which offers food from around the world so you can have a hot meal while you chill out.

3. Law Common Room
While some, including myself, use this room to study, it’s also a great place to relax with friends. With comfy sofas and chairs around the room, it’s great to pop in here for lunch in between lectures and have somewhere off the beaten track to have a break. You could even take a look at some of the law reports from the 1800s in the books around the room!

4. Lakes
The lakes offer one of the most tranquil places to sit on campus. During the summer you’ll find bbqs and picnics happening every weekend, with everyone relaxing on the benches or the grass after they finish their exams. Once the sun is out, this is the best place to relax on campus with friends.

5. Secret Garden
Not many people know where the Secret Garden is on campus and I won’t give the secret away here! This means that this truly is one of the most quiet and relaxing places on campus, a perfect place to de-stress after a long day.

At the Colchester campus you’ll always find somewhere relaxing to spend your breaks between lectures and during the evening.

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