Reflecting on my Frontrunners Plus placement

Since November, I’ve been the Law Communications and Recruitment Frontrunner Plus based within the Events and Communications team of the Law School. Throughout my placement I’ve had some amazing opportunities, here’s some of my favourite!

Working at the 10th Anniversary Event for the Essex Law and Human Rights Centre Clinics
In second term, the Law and Human Rights Clinics celebrated 10 years at Essex. I worked at the event, helping direct people through the building and giving out name badges. I got to see how an event with a number of important outside guests is run, from ensuring they’re able to get taxis to booking hotel rooms. It really gave me an insight into event planning and how to ensure an event runs smoothly!

Meeting Applicants during Applicant Lunches
Applicant lunches during the year have been one of my favourite events to go to. Getting to meet future students and answering all their questions brightened my Wednesday afternoons. I hope some of the people I spoke to are reading this post, and I hope I helped you out! As a bonus I got a free lunch every week, which no student will ever turn down!

Skills Workshops
At the beginning and end of every Frontrunners placement you have a workshop. The first one, at the start of your placement, helps you to identify the goals you want to complete and skills you want to gain during the placement. It really helps you organise things in your mind to know what training you need to ask your supervisor for in order to maximise your skills. In the second workshop, at the end of your placement, you reflect on your placement. You look at the goals and skills you wrote down at the beginning of the placement and see if you managed to achieve them, you also have the opportunity to share your experiences with other Frontrunners and hear about the other Frontrunner placements across the university.

Writing for this Blog
This has probably been my favourite experience in my placement. I’ve been able to have some fun, writing about relaxing spaces and legal films, while also (hopefully) calming some worries about assignments and exams. Almost everything I’ve written has been inspired from something that I was worried about before I came to Essex, and so writing this blog has given me the chance to reflect on the four years of my degree and see how much I’ve grown.

This placement has been brilliant during my final year here at Essex, it’s been completely flexible around my degree and studies and has given me valuable work experience that will help me in my future career! I’m writing this on the second to last day of my placement, as I get ready to submit my final year assignments and graduate this summer, so while I may not be writing any more blog posts I have created quite a few that will continue to be posted after I’ve left.

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