5 Societies to join as a Law Student

While your degree is the most important aspect of life at University, it’s also important to make friends and have fun! At Essex there are over 100 societies you can join, and I’m going to introduce you to some of them here.

1. Law Society
The Law society is the main hub for law students on campus. From hosting mooting and client negotiation competitions, to helping to organise trips to Inns of Court, to holding a diversity week, there’s always something interesting to do. The focus of the society is on employability and careers, as well as degree success.

The Law Society

2. Commercial and Corporate Law Society
The Commercial and Corporate Law Society is for any University of Essex student who is interested in this type of law – whether they’re a law student or not. They run events to raise awareness of the area of law, and has partnered with the Corporate Law Academy with classes and networking opportunities.

Commercial and Corporate Law

3. Canadian Law Society
The Canadian Law Society works to help support and guide students at the University of Essex to qualify and work as a lawyer in Canada. They host events to help students understand how they can become a lawyer in Canada, including information sessions with Canadian universities, while also hosting social events to unwind from your busy law degree.

The Canadian Law Society

4. Cultural Societies
Whether you’re Malaysian, Hungarian, Romanian or Somali there’s a cultural society here at Essex for you. The cultural society convene is one of the biggest in the Students’ Union, with over 30 societies representing cultures from all over the world. Join the Latin American society for weekly Salsa lessons, the French Connection society for Chandeleur (a French tradition with Crepes!) or the Malaysian society for their annual Malaysian Night and explore the world without leaving campus! If you don’t find your country you can even create your own society to bring a little bit of home to Essex.

Some of the cultural societies at Essex

5. Fun Societies!
Societies at Essex aren’t just about employability and study skills, they’re also a time for you to destress from the days lectures and meet with friends. Whether you’re obsessed with Harry Potter, like me, enjoy performing music, or want to learn first aid there’s a society for you.

The Harry Potter Society, of which I am a loyal member, they run weekly meetings surrounding the book and film series with book discussions, Halloween parties, and a yearly Yule Ball – whether you’re a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff there’s fun to be had!

Show Choir Society pride themselves on being a fun society that can take you across the UK to compete in national competitions. Along with their competition team they have a fun group, who perform at campus events and meet weekly to rehearse and run workshops.

The St John’s Ambulance LINKS Society can help you learn first aid in a friendly environment. With weekly meetings and socials you can even become a member of St John’s Ambulance and volunteer at events across campus and the local area, and even at national events!

Societies you could join at Essex

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