Where do our Graduates go?

While graduation may currently feel like a far off event for many, there’s lots of things you can do once you leave Essex. I talked to a few graduates, ranging from more recent to longer ago, to see what they’ve done since the left Essex and how Essex prepared them for the future!

The most obvious career path for someone with a law degree is to become qualified as a Barrister or Solicitor and work in the legal sector. Whether you go on to study the Bar Professional Training Course and become a self-employed Barrister or the Legal Practice Course to become a solicitor, a law degree is currently the only way to become a lawyer in the UK and even with the upcoming changes to how solicitors become qualified a law degree will set you up for a future as a Solicitor or Barrister.

Further Study
Many undergraduate law students at Essex decide to stay on here for a Masters Degree, either a MA (Masters of Arts) or LLM (Masters of Law), in the law school. With 10 Masters courses available in the law school, from International Human Rights Law to International Trade and Maritime Law, there’s a Masters course for everyone’s interests. On top of the amazing courses available here at Essex, recently graduates have gone on to study at various institutions across the world, including University of Cambridge and the University of Law.

Many alumni choose to start their legal careers by becoming a paralegal. Paralegals generally work within Solicitors firms and have a law degree to help with a wide variety of work, which varies depending on the firm you work for. As a bonus, many firms look for their trainee solicitors from their paralegals meaning you may be on a direct route to qualifying!

Students Union Officer
While this may not seem an obvious choice for a law student, becoming a Full-Time Vice President in the Student’s Union is a chance to have a year of work experience while staying in Colchester. From Vice President Education to Vice President International, former law students have helped advance the SU to be more student focused and make changes that benefit all students. You could even become President!

Non-Law industries
A law degree is one of the most versatile degrees you could get. Over the 3(+) years you spend at Essex you learn skills ranging from writing to interviewing to presenting original ideas, all of which are valuable skills in any industry. Digital media and advertising often require the skills of presenting ideas and writing interesting sales pitches, while business analysis and conveyancing require the logic and reasoning skills you gain throughout your degree. All of these areas are jobs that previous students have gone into at organisations like the World Bank Group, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), the United Nations and Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group along with many others.

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