5 things to do during the summer before university

Before you start university in October, you may be asking yourself what you should be doing over the summer. Here’s my tips for what you should do before you come to university!

1. Travel
During many of the holidays you have once you start university you’ll have essays to write and various other things to do, so this summer before university is a great opportunity to travel before you have to get to work. From doing a train trip across Europe to going somewhere more further afield, spending your summer travelling and seeing the sites in many different countries can really broaden your horizons and give you a taste of independence before you come to university.

I got the chance to go to Switzerland with GirlGuiding before I came to university, which gave me a summer of adventure before settling down to study!

2. Get ahead on reading
During your first year at Essex you study many of the compulsory modules that are required for a qualifying law degree. If you are really looking forward to studying, you could use the summer to read introductory books to subjects like Criminal Law, Contract Law and Public Law. However, this is not required as everyone is presumed to be on a basic level when they come to Essex, so don’t think you’ll be behind if you don’t do this!

3. Visit Courts
During my A-Levels I studied Law and through that was able to visit both a Magistrates and Crown Court, however not everyone gets to do this. Visiting these courts helped me know what I was coming to university to study, and also showed me many other career paths in law that I didn’t realise existed! The majority of Courts in England and Wales are open to the public to visit, even the Supreme Court in London! You can find a list of all the courts in England and Wales here, many of which you can visit at any time but you should double check first!

4. Start Packing!
If you’re living on campus you should take the summer to start packing what you need to bring to campus! Once your accommodation is confirmed you’ll get an email of everything you get in your room, usually just the basics, and what you need to bring, usually bedding, toasters and other things. While you can buy the majority of your basics at Tesco, everyone loves a home comfort so don’t forget your favourite teddy bear!

I always made sure my teddy’s were strapped in to come to uni!

During your last year of A-Levels/school you will have worked the hardest you ever have, so it’s important to have some time to relax over the summer break. Whether you do this through laying on a beach or sleeping in until 12pm, your summer before university is truly yours to do whatever you want! Make sure you enjoy the summer, and rest up so you can start the hard work in October!!

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