Open letter to all Law Students from the Essex Law Clinic Director

Dear Law Student

Donald Nicolson, Director of Essex Law Clinic

The Essex Law Clinic is now open for applications for membership for the new academic year. We are looking to expand numbers, but at the same time ensure that members have the commitment to client service that our clients deserve. As a result, we now require all who want to become Clinic volunteers (see below for entry to the clinical module) to spend a year as Bronze Members being trained and engaging in non-client face working (such as various public legal education projects, legal campaigning, training simulations and investigating miscarriages of justice) to show that they deserve to be considered to undertake client worker as Silver Members (via a portfolio of undertaken activities and an interview). If accepted for Silver Membership, intensive training will be offered in June after exams or at the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year. This means that those who are entering the Clinic in their final year (even if this is also your first or second year at Essex) may only ever undertake non-client facing clinic work as Bronze Members.  Those in the first of a two year degree may become Silver Members in their final year. And those in the first of three or four years may become Silver Members for more than a year.

If you are interested in becoming a Bronze Member as a first year student, please fill in this application form or as a second year or more, please fill in this application form and return it to before 9 am on Friday 11 October. We would appreciate applications as soon as possible so that we can give each the attention it deserves. No late applications will be accepted so do not delay your application.  Notification as to the outcome of applications will be made by 5pm on Tuesday 15th October so that you will know if you will need to attend the compulsory induction training on the afternoon of Wednesday 16th October. If you cannot attend the training you will have to wait until the following year.

In addition to joining the Clinic as a volunteer, you may if you are in your second year you can seek to become a Clinic member through enrolling on LW 250 Legal Advice Casework which will allow you to undertake case work once trained in class. However, you will first have to apply for and be admitted to Clinic membership via an application form (which will be sent to once you provisionally register for the module) and an interview. Moreover, places are limited to the first 30 who are admitted to Clinic Membership, so you are advised to return the application form as soon as possible. Further information about this module is available on the online course directory here.

Finally, please note that the above information about applying to the Law Clinic does not apply to existing Clinic members. Though if you are in your final year, you might want to build on your clinical experience by enrolling on LW 352 Advanced Legal Advice Casework. Again, further information about this module is available on the online course directory here .

Best wishes

Donald Nicolson
Essex Law Clinic Director

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