Our Spooky Student Social was a success!

Yesterday, we ran a spooky student social for all UG students. It was a crafts session held in the Law School Common Room, where students could decorate cakes, make Oreo spiders, create masks, play pin the smile on the skeleton and more! It also gave students the opportunity to meet with other UG students and get to know some staff from the Student Experience Team.

The event was a big success – the Common Room was bustling with students who were keen to try out their craft skills, whilst enjoying some mysteriously coloured mocktails and eating plenty of sweets.

The cupcake decorating went down really well with the students. Here you can see some of their creations.

Students also really enjoyed colouring in the masks and making paper pumpkins, whilst listening to the Halloween playlist that our Student Experience Director, Colin Moore created.

If you missed our social and would like to attend the next one, keep an eye out for advertisements via our newsletters, social media and emails! If you attended our social and would like to provide us with feedback so we can run more events that you will love, please click here.

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