Introducing Bev Jackson!

If you’ve seen her around the School of Law corridors but haven’t yet had the chance to say hello, we would like to introduce you to Bev Jackson. Bev joined the team over the summer and works on all things related to student development.

Here is everything that you need to know about Bev!

What does Bev’s job involve and how can she help students?

Bev is a new member of staff in the School of Law and her role involves supporting students’ development. She helps students improve their academic skills, such as making sense of their feedback, looking at how they approach their studies and coursework, and advising on how to improve their grades. Bev also helps students with any challenges they may face whilst they’re at university. Her role also involves supporting learning and teaching across the School.

Why should students visit her?

Students should speak to Bev directly because she is able to provide one-to-one support that is personalised to their needs and help them explore how to get the best out of their university experience.

When did Bev join the University? What was her previous role in EBS?

Bev joined the University of Essex in 2013. She first worked in Essex Business School (EBS) as a Learning Support Coordinator, before changing roles to become the Student Services/Learning Team Manager. In addition to supporting student development, Bev introduced and managed a number of student led-projects that enabled students to shape the EBS community and engaged students in supporting fellow students

What does she love about Essex?

Bev’s favourite things about the University of Essex are its diversity, its work environment and the community. Along with these things, she likes the research areas, projects and community involvement that the School of Law has.

What is one of her favourite memories from her University studies?

Bev completed a Masters of Education in English Language Teaching from the University of Manchester and she completed her undergraduate degree in Madrid. Therefore, she is fluent in Spanish! One of her favourite memories from university is when she worked on a project with Boddingtons, a brewery in Manchester, creating learning and teaching resources based on their processes. She also loved helping refugees with their transition into a new lifestyle here in the United Kingdom.

How can students contact Bev?

Students can email Bev on

I hope that this blog post was useful and that you take advantage of Bev’s services during your time at University. To read about more important people at the School of Law, click here!

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