Things to do before Christmas!

Autumn term is finally over. After all your hard work, you deserve to relax over the Christmas period and have some fun! Here’s a checklist of things that you could do before the big day.

child standing in front of Christmas tree with string lights

Decorate your Christmas Tree

Cover your Christmas tree in ornaments, tinsel, candy canes and more! If you’re feeling creative, you could even make something to put on the tree yourself! Here are a few ideas from us: popcorn garland, dried orange slices or paper snowflakes.

person holding remote pointing at TV

Watch a Christmas film

One of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is by watching a Christmas movie! You may have already watched one so far this festive season, but the more the merrier. Here are our favourites: Elf, Love Actually and A Christmas Carol (the Muppets version, obviously).

Christmas planning screengrab

Make a Christmas List

Who says you’re too old to make a Christmas list? If you’re anything like me, I never know what I would like for Christmas when people ask, so a Christmas list really helps! Also, even if your family and friends have already got presents in mind, or if they’re organised and have already bought them, a Christmas list can still be useful. Anything that you don’t receive, you could always buy in the Christmas sale – who doesn’t love a good bargain!

photo of music score

Listen to some Christmas music

If you haven’t been a victim to listening to Christmas music played by friends or on the radio, then now is the time to take your Christmas spirit up a notch by playing some Christmas tunes. Here are some classics to start you off: Last Christmas, Jingle Bells, All I want for Christmas Is You, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas and I could go on….

people walking on market

Visit a Christmas Market

Most UK major cities will hold a Christmas Market throughout December. They have stalls where you can buy Christmas presents. Christmas decorations and without fail Christmas Food, such as mulled wine! These will also sometimes have fairground-style rides and an ice rink. This will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit!

assorted-color gift box under Christmas tree

Go Christmas present shopping

If you haven’t blown your student loan during term time, why not give back to those wonderful people in your life! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive; it’s the thought that counts most. I find that receiving a Christmas card always puts a smile on my face, which you could even make yourself!

two women wearing coveralls standing next to each other

Decide what to wear for Christmas Day

No matter how you spend your Christmas Day, whether it be in your favourite Christmas pyjamas, a festive Christmas jumper, or in some form of smart attire, plan ahead! There’s nothing worse than finding out that your outfit from last year has gravy stains all over it.

person holding knitted textiles

 Give something to charity

Christmas is all about giving, so give something to someone who truly needs it. This could be donating some clothes that you no longer wear, giving food to the homeless, or volunteering your time somewhere. This will make you feel grateful for everything you have and will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

I could list more, but I’m sure that these activities will put you into the Christmas spirit. Enjoy your holidays and relax whilst you can – the School of Law has lots of exciting things planned for the Spring Term!

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