Concours d’eloquence!

Students and staff of the LLB English and French Law (Licence) are delighted to announce the launch of the very first edition of the Concours d’eloquence or the Great Eloquence Contest! This is running during the 2019-2020 academic year here at Essex. The contest is the opportunity for students to debate relevant topics, for and against, in the french language.

This initiative, devised by Alexandre Alecse, a current a second year student, has grabbed the attention of their fellow LLB English and French Law students and french law academics. Do to the success of this competition, there is hope to continue this next year and also extend it to other law students not on the LLB English and French Law course.

Competition to date
On 20 November 2019, seven pairs of students from the first and second year competed in a merciless verbal battle to win a place in the final! They were judged by a mixture of French academics as well as a couple of their fellow students.

The questions asked during the contest covered a very wide range of topics. Our litigators challenged the world with the question “Does money still bring happiness?”. It was then that one of the litigants replied: “Has it ever really done that?” while admitting that they wouldn’t be opposed to winning the lottery!

The debate took a more philosophical turn when the challenging question of “Do children always tell the truth?” arose. What even is truth?

Three pairs clashed on much more mundane subjects: the question “Should we bite into Apple‘s apple? “showed us that Eve definitely had some competition. Apple’s fervent defendant tried to convince us that if we had to choose between Samsung and Apple, then why not all bite the apple?

How could we forget the infamous caption “Does Red Bull really give you wings?” where the defender of Red Bull challenged his opponent from the very first minute by offering him a can to give him back some peps! The temptation was too enticing, and laughter echoed throughout the room.

On the final question students discussed, was “Is Facebook past it?” the plaintiffs debated the benefits of all social media, and that it holds no secrets for them (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facetime).

Two pairs challenged each other on very contentious issues such as “Brexit or no Brexit? and “Is Europe still European?”. These are questions that continue to divide the world as a whole today!

To date the competition atmosphere was relaxed and good-natured, and the audience and jury members were impressed. The first round turned out to be a great success!

The Final
The final will take place on Wednesday 12 February 2020, from 3.00pm – 6.00pm in LTB03. It promises to be tense. It will be followed by the presentation of the awards, along with a small celebration. Come along to support our finalists!

Special thanks to Alexandre Alecse who helped put together this blog post.

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