Personal Tutors 101

Every undergraduate and postgraduate taught student at the University of Essex is assigned a personal tutor. This is an academic member of staff, who is there to support you in your studies.

What can my personal tutor help me with?

Your personal tutor can:

  • Help you understand your feedback from assignments and discuss your academic progress
  • Provide guidance and advice about choosing modules
  • Provide guidance on what you can do with your degree after graduating
  • Provide a reference for you for further academic study or employment
  • Encourage you to make the most of the opportunities available at University

How do I find out who my personal tutor is?

You can find the name of your personal tutor by logging in to LEAP and looking under your profile or you can speak to a member of the Law Education Team in 5S.5.5.

How do I contact my personal tutor?

You can contact your personal tutor by:

  • Sending them an email
  • Scheduling an appointment to visit them in person
  • Visiting their office during their academic support hours
  • Arranging a meeting via Zoom

You can find their office number and their academic support hours on their staff profile.

What happens in a meeting with my personal tutor?

In a meeting with your personal tutor, you can discuss whatever you need help with. They will try their best to answer your queries, or they will refer you to another University resource which is able to provide better support.

Your Personal Tutor may make some notes on LEAP with your permission. These notes can be a set of objectives that you must complete by a set date or to let other University services know that you’re interested in receiving their help. Notes can be viewed by yourself and other staff members by clicking on the ‘Notes and Actions’ tab on LEAP.

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