Reflecting on my role as a Student Engagement Intern

Since September, I have been apart of the Events and Communications Team in the School of Law, working as their Student Engagement Intern. My role was to increase student’s engagement within the School, through social events, competitions, newsletters and blog posts like this one! I’ve was given some amazing opportunities, so I thought I would list my favourites.

1. Organising and running our Christmas Social

My favourite social event that I organised was our Christmas Tree decorating social. I enjoyed picking out the Christmas tree, festive food and activities that would be done by students during the social. Also, it was fun spending the afternoon getting to know students by sharing our Christmas traditions, whilst listening to Christmas songs and eating mince pies! Running socials allowed me to develop my organisational skills and attention to detail, as well as learn about advertising.

2. Acting as the client in our Client Interviewing Competition

Essex’s Client Interviewing Competition was great fun as I got to be directly involved in the competition. I spent the day acting as the client and I had to memorise key facts about my scenario. Students in the competition were required to ask me about the situation and provide me with the best legal advice they could. I loved acting as a client and listening to the different pieces of advice given by students. It was really hard to keep a straight face when students accidentally gave me bad legal advice!

3. Going to the Supreme Court for our Mooting Competition Final

This year, the School of Law was lucky enough to win a competition to hold the Mooting Competition Final at the Supreme Court in London. Although, I don’t have much knowledge in the field of law, it was an amazing experience visiting the Supreme Court. I was responsible for carrying out a risk assessment, collating all the student’s details in case I had to contact anyone in an emergency and of course taking notes during the moot so I could write a blog post.

4. Writing blog posts and newsletters

I thoroughly enjoyed writing our blog posts and newsletters because they are driven by what students would like to know. This meant writing how to guides was rewarding as it’s a great feeling knowing that you’re helping out a confused student. Additionally, I was able to work with a variety of staff from across the School of Law and improve my written communication skills in different forms. This meant learning Essex’s writing style and tone! It was great fun documenting all the events and competitions I was involved.

5. Organising and running our Law Ball!

Last but not least, Essex’s Law Ball! Apart from my dissertation, I don’t think I have ever been so invested in a project. This was an amazing opportunity to work with staff, students and legal professionals. The Events team and I spent 6 months planning this huge event for 140 people! I was responsible for creating table plans, organising the table decorations alongside the student committee, inviting legal professionals, liaising with our speakers, monitoring ticket sales and more! This meant I developed lots of new skills. I have obtained strong attention to detail and levels of accuracy after creating a spreadsheet of everyone’s meal choices and dietary requirements. I have great organisational skills as it was essential that everything was completed before the event and I am able to work well in a team. Plus, I even got to attend the event and see it in it’s glory. It was so rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves, even if I was under the pressure of ensuring the event ran smoothly!

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This internship has been an amazing opportunity for me as a graduate to give back to students by providing them with the knowledge and advice I wish I knew when I was a student, whilst also gaining valuable experience and skills that I can take into my next role.

Although I will no longer be working for the School of Law, there are still a few blog posts which I have written that haven’t been posted. I anticipate that these will be released next academic year to help out any new students joining the School of Law!

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