Essex Law Clinic: Meet the Student Directors – Mariya Hoque, Director

The Essex Law Clinic appoints student directors each year to work closely with the Director, Donald Nicolson, as well as the wider teams of Executive and Management Committees – in providing leadership and support to the student body of the Law Clinic. The student directors work collaboratively to decide the direction of the clinic and ensure that things run smoothly.

In run up to the next academic year 2020-21, we will be introducing you to our new Co-Directors and the new Deputy Director. First of all we have Mariya Hoque, who is one of the new Co-Directors!

A warm greeting to the student body, faculty and staff! My name is Mariya Hoque! I am an international student from Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society and a minor degree in English Literature. Currently, I am in the LLB Law Senior Status program hoping to pursue a career in international human rights law. In order to develop my skills in human rights, I am a member of the Human Rights Clinic.This year, I contributed to the Digital Verification Unit and Death Penalty Mitigation Project. Throughout my previous degree, I worked in various non-profit organizations to support vulnerable populations as well as advocate for mental health awareness. For instance, as a 24/hour crisis line worker at the Calgary Distress Centre, I was able to support and effectively assess individuals in emotionally challenging situations. Furthermore, I have proven my ability to lead a team in increasing the life chances of immigrants and refugees while a part of the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth.

Assisting individuals with their mental health is a profound passion of mine. I have created independent projects which have allowed me to connect with individuals suffering from mental health crises. One of these initiatives is titled “Space for Conscience.” Through this platform, I counsel vulnerable youths experiencing degrading mental health issues including depression, suicidal ideation etc. Down the road, my wish is to expand the platform to target human rights violations.

Furthermore, I am designing a research project (under the University of Essex Law Clinic) aimed to share the stories of LGTBQ+ members – the ways policies and legal practices have led to or resulted in discrimination and violations of one’s rights. I am also a part of the Refugee Action Project at the Clinic. The cases I took part in strengthened my relationship with our local refugees. On a side note, I am an ambitious writer. During my spare time, I enjoy writing creative stories and am always on the lookout for publishing opportunities!

Along with my fellow partners, Sam and Megan, my wish is to encourage those students who feel as they do not belong to have a place in the academic community. The plans we create will reflect strategies to help students realize their potential and their valuable skills. I firmly believe that when students grow in personal confidence, it leads them to opportunities which go beyond that of being a mere student in a classroom.

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