Essex Law Clinic: Meet the Student Directors – Sam Howlett, Director

The Essex Law Clinic appoints student directors each year to work closely with the Director, Donald Nicolson, as well as the wider teams of Executive and Management Committees – in providing leadership and support to the student body of the Law Clinic. The student directors work collaboratively to decide the direction of the clinic and ensure that things run smoothly.

In run up to the next academic year 2020-21, we will be introducing you to our new Co-Directors and the new Deputy Director. Next up we have Sam Howlett, who is one of the new Co-Directors!

Hello! I am Sam, I’m 27, and a second year undergraduate LLB Law Student. I have three children, aged 8, 7 and 3, and am from Essex! Before University, I worked in hospitality and decided after completing my family to return to fulfil my dream of becoming a solicitor.

I have been a part of the Essex Law Clinic since I began at university, and have worked on many cases. I was elected onto the management committee as a first-year representative in my first year, and have helped in various ways including training some of the bronze members this year.

I have had personal legal issues myself, and been faced with the lack of legal aid available, and am particularly interested in helping women who have been through, or are going through, issues related to domestic abuse.

The Essex Law Clinic is very important to me, and I am incredibly happy to get the opportunity to be one of the Student Directors for the next year. I know a great deal of you already, but am very excited to meet many more of you, and help to build the success of the Clinic further.

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