Essex Law Clinic: Meet the Student Directors – Megan Green, Deputy Director

The Essex Law Clinic appoints students directors each year to work closely with the Director, Donald Nicolson, as well as and the wider team of Executive and Management Committees – in providing leadership and support to the student body of the Law Clinic. The student directors work collaboratively to decide the direction of the clinic and ensure that things run smoothly. In run up to the next academic year 2020-21, we will be introducing you to our new Co-Directors and the new Deputy Director.

Last up we have Megan Green, who is our new Deputy Director!

Before university I studied A Level law and I have taken part in mooting and negotiation competitions which gave me a greater insight to the legal industry.

Within the Clinic I have taken part in the Miscarriages of Justice Programme, Simulation Training, as well as other training sessions such as Resilience and Family Law. I also looked into the Justice Week programme, as I am very interested in subjects such as access to justice and the availability of legal aid.

I am from Essex so I live locally to campus and I commute as the drive is only twenty minutes or so!

My aim for the year is to continue the legal advice provided to members of the community and reach as many people requiring legal advice as possible. Legal aid is not always readily available so I want to ensure that the work of the clinic expands to as many individuals in need as possible.

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