Beginner’s Guide: Timetabling

What does my timetable show me?

Your personal timetable will show the location, time and nature of a module. E.g. you might have an LW105 online lecture from 11am-1pm. You will receive an Outlook calendar invitation with the required zoom link 48 hours before your lecture, so ensure that you check your Essex email regularly.

What do the week numbers mean?

The week numbers are based upon the University calendar. Note that only the Autumn Term timetables are currently shown on your Personal Timetable.

When will the Spring Term timetable be available?

We are expecting the Spring Term timetable to be available from late November, this may be subject to change.

What should I do if I have a timetable clash?

If you have any timetable clashes, you can report this underneath your timetable by clicking ‘report a timetable problem’. If you have not had an update within 5 working days, please contact Please include your Essex email address and write your registration number in the subject header in the email.

What should I do if I want to change classes?

If you are unable to attend a teaching event, for example due to child care, you can request to change classes by clicking ‘request a class change’ on your timetable and you must select which times you are unavailable. Swapping tutorial groups because it is more convenient is not an acceptable reason to change groups.  Check the University’s Timetabling Policy for acceptable criteria for requesting a change.

During the time that these changes are being made, you can view the School’s timetable which shows all the available teaching events, so you can go to another class until your timetable is changed. Please contact the leader of the tutorial you wish to attend and get their permission before attending. Please note that if you are changing tutorial groups, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are properly registered and that any Preparation and Participation marks are recorded

Why don’t I have any exams in my Timetable?

The time and date of your exams are not released at the beginning of the year. They are released separately to the timetable with your lectures and tutorials. The Christmas Exam Timetable is released at the end of Week 9 and details exams held on Week 15 and the Summer Exam Timetable is released at the end of Week 25. Your Summer Exams are held from Monday to Saturday at 9am or 2pm from Week 33 to Week 36. You must keep these dates available until your personal exam timetable has been confirmed and published.

Your exam timetable will detail the module of the exam, the start and finish time, location and duration of the exam and your seat number. You will also be given your exam entry form, which contains your candidate number. You must print out your exam timetable and bring it to every exam, along with your student registration card, else you will be unable to sit the exam.

For more information, head to our Student Timetabling page.

All information in this blog is up to date as of 22 October 2020.

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