ORAS! – The brand-new French and English Law Mooting Competition

Oras! is a brand-new and exciting French and English Law Mooting Competition which is open to every first and second-year law students studying a double-degree of French and English Law. This Moot Court is organised by the Essex Board of the Association du Double-Diplôme Essex/France (the University of Essex French and English Law Society) in partnership with the Association des Juristes Queen Mary Sorbonne (Jurist Society of Queen Mary University and Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne).

Among its various goals, Oras! aims to:

  1. Promote expertise in both French and English law,
  2. Develop a Franco-British jurist network between French and English universities and,
  3. Develop students’ pleading skills in both French and English legal jargon. 


For the first edition of Oras!, we are pleased to announce that we secured students’ participation from most Universities offering a French and English Law Double Degree program. These students will come from:

  • University of Essex – Université Paris X Nanterre / Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3/ Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
  • King’s College London- Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas,
  • Queen Mary- Université Panthéon I Sorbonne,
  • University of Kent-Aix-Marseille Université,
  • Bangor University- Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
  • Exeter University-Université Rennes I

There are two paths, one for first-year students and another one for second-year students.

Each British University will select two ‘student ambassadors’, one in first year and one in second year, to represent both their University and their Double Degree. At Essex, the selection process will take the form of an internal round to ensure that only the best represent our University! 

First-year students will be given topics on French Constitutional Law while second-year students will be given a topic on French Contract Law.

For 10 minutes, participants will have to try and convince the panel (in French) either on the pros or the cons of the topic given. Participants will also be given 1 mn to respond to their opponent.

This round will be held on 11th December 2021 via Zoom. Save the date!

Oras! will then organise two external rounds: the Concours de plaidoirie (or semi-finale) and the Mooting Competition (or finale).

THE ‘CONCOURS DE PLAIDOIRIE’ (first round – semi-final)

In this first round, first-year students will be given a French constitutional law question while second-year students will be givena French private law question. They will be asked to defend their case in French, either pleading the pros or the cons of the question given. 

One month prior to the competition, students will be provided with :

  1. their question,
  2. the side (pros or cons) they have to argue for,
  3. the name of their opponent.

They will have 10 mins to plead and convince the panel and 1 min to retort to their opponent if they wish to do so.

At the end, only four persons (2 first-year and 2 second-year students) will be selected to access the final round.

This round will be held on 12th February 2021, through Zoom. Save the date!

THE MOOTING COMPETITION (second round- final)

In this final round, which we very much hope will be taking place face-to-face, first-year finalists will argue their case in English on an English Contract Law topic while second-year finalists will argue their case in English on an English Criminal Law topic.

Finalists will provide the panel with a folder of the case-law and legislation they used one week before defending their case. On the day, students will have 10 mins to present their arguments and debate, judges will be able to ask for further clarification. After each plea, the opponent will have 1 min to counterargument if they wish to do so.

This round will be held on 27th  March 2021. Save the date!

Only two students will win Oras!, one first-year and one second-year student.                             

Would you like more information?

The Association du Double-Diplôme Essex France will hold an informational meeting on Oras! on 15th November 2020 at 4pm through Zoom (https://essex-university.zoom.us/j/91081848737 , ID meeting : 910 8184 8737)

All talks will be in French but questions in English are more than welcome. For registration to the informational meeting, please email Béatrice Lallemand (bl19729@essex.ac.uk).

We hope to see you there! May the best win!

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