A day in the life of a Law Student: During Lockdown!

Rachel Brandrith, LLB Law Student has documented what a typical day as a Law student looks like during the current Government lockdown.

For me, the thing I have found hardest to adjust to in the current situation is the changing/lack of routine. I am one of these people that likes to keep busy and achieve something every day. Therefore, I am grateful that this lockdown we still have University, albeit online, to provide some structure to my week.

“I have treated University like a full time job!

During COVID and in the first two years of my studies at Essex, I have treated University like it is a full-time job. I aim to do university work from 9am-5:30 pm every weekday, and spend my weekends and evenings working or doing something fun.

So, here is what my day looked like today:

Today, as usual, I set my alarm for 8am. I spent about 15 minutes catching up on my social medias (mainly scrolling through TikTok). Then I had a shower and put on my comfy clothes. One of the benefits of online learning is you don’t even have to put proper clothes on! I then had my breakfast, which was my usual: porridge with chocolate soya milk and strawberries or banana.

9.00am I am then ready to start my day…

The first thing I do every morning is catch up on the news. I use Watson’s Daily, Financial Times and the Stock Exchange App to keep my commercial awareness up to date, so I started my day by doing this.

I then looked at my to-do list to see what needed to be done today, alongside my scheduled classes and events. I decided that the first thing I needed to do was to watch the pre-recorded lectures for one of my modules ready for next week. I then started my next task which was to do the required reading from the lecture that I had the previous day. I like to do the reading as soon as I can after the lecture to ensure the content I have already learnt is fresh in my brain.

At 11.00am, I had a peer mentoring session so I joined my call and met with my mentees. After this had finished, I carried on with some more of the set reading until my tutorial at 12.

After my tutorial I stopped work and gave myself a lunch break.

I always give myself around 45minutes off at lunchtime to give myself a break, get some fresh air and have something to eat. I got into the habit of walking my dog at lunchtime everyday in lockdown and she doesn’t quite understand that I am now at Uni! But she is too cute to say no to, and it’s a good excuse to get some fresh air and stretch my legs so I usually take her for a walk.

When I got back I made myself some lunch: a halloumi, red pepper, onion and humous flatbread and it was delicious!

After lunch, I finished off the reading I started earlier and carried on with my to-do list. My next task of the day was to complete a Multiple Choice Quiz that was due that week. I then watched some more pre-recorded lectures and did some tutorial preparation until 5:30pm.

5:30pm Finish University work

After tying up loose ends and making sure I have done everything I needed to do that day I will close down my laptop and make dinner for me and my family. Today was my signature dish: Spaghetti and Meatballs!

7.00pm The remainder of the day

Usually, after dinner I will do some form of exercise whether than be a workout or going on another walk, and then spend the rest of the evening catching up with my friends or doing something relaxing.

However, today was slightly different because today I had a virtual networking event from 7pm-9pm. After this event, I went on my cross-trainer whilst watching I’m a Celeb.

Then I had a shower and it was time for bed. I aim to sleep by 11.00pm to ensure I have enough energy to get all my work done the following day.

I now feel like I have settled into my new ‘University-from-home’ routine and I find that working 9-5 is the best way to keep productive and ensure I get all of my work done. That being said, everyone is different so if you are more of a night owl do not feel like you have to force yourself into working 9-5. Similarly, if you have commitments, such as work or childcare, it is ok if you don’t have a routine that is as structured.

If you are struggling to adjust to University life or creating a ‘University-from-home’ routine, reach out to our Student Support director, Bev Jackson who will be able to provide you with some support.

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