The Oras! Mooting competition update…Essex is still in the race for the big finale!

The Essex Board of the Association du Double-Diplôme had the greatest pleasure to host the Oras! Mooting Competition semi-finale a week ago.

For those interested in catching up the semi-final round of the competition, you can find it on YouTube.

In this semi-finale, which lasted around 2 hours, we saw an average of 60 people being connected to the Zoom session. The enthusiastic public came from all sides of France and the UK (and possibly beyond!) : they were alumni of all Double Degrees programmes in French/English Law, friends and families, and curious enthusiasts who were simply interested to hear the pleas of our wonderful participants.

The competition was particularly fierce, and the performances of all participants went beyond our expectations. Our first-year contestants were given topics of French Constitutional Law about the impeachment of the fictional Simon Dubois, 9th President of France. The subject was very interesting and inspired by real events that occurred during Paul Deschanel’s presidency in May 1920. As for our second-year contestants, they were given a topic of French Private Law related to a parent’s objection to his minor son’s civil marriage. This topic reflected upon important and modern issues and allowed the participants to show their potential.

The prestigious jury panel was composed of no less than:
1/ The liaison magistrate of France in the UK (Mrs Estelle Cros),
2/ The liaison magistrate of the UK in France (Mrs Holly Gallagher),
3/ Two sollicitors, French lawyers and Presidents of the British and French committees of the Association des Juristes Franco-Britanniques/ Franco-British Lawyer Society (Mr Frédéric Golberg and Mr Leonardo Carpentieri),
4/ And a French lawyer, English Barrister and Professor of Comparative Law (Pr. Duncan Fairgrieve).

Following their long deliberation, we finally had the long-awaited names of our finalists drumrolls please……

For the first-year students, the finalists are:

1/ Miss Nikoleta Konstantellou (representative of Queen’s Mary University),
2/ Miss Liza Guezenec (representative of the University of Bangor)

For the second-year students, the finalists are:

1/ Miss Julie Ramindou (representative of the University of Bangor)
2/ And our very own Clara Prillard (representative of the University of Essex)

Essex remains in the competition! Despite the impressive plea given by Ambre Schindler, our first-year representative, she will not take part in the finale of this Mooting competition. We are extremely proud of her and we are sure that Ambre will be there next year!

In the meantime, we wish Clara Prillard the best of luck for the finale which will be held on Saturday 27 March 2021. For this final round, the pleas will be given in English and the contestants will compete in topics of English Contract Law (for first-year students) and English Criminal Law (for second-year students).


Article written by Béatrice Lallemand
Founder and Organiser of Oras!
Essex President of the Association du Double-Diplôme Essex/France.

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