Essex Law Clinic Update: The Family Handbook Project – Public Legal Education

Guest post by Liz Fisher Frank, Law Clinic Supervisor

On 4 March 2021, the Family Law Handbook student team stepped away from the almost finished Handbook to instead provide a virtual public legal education session to year 11 and 12 pupils at a school in Essex.

The group decided they would have all appreciated more information in school about the law and what it’s like going to university. So, they agreed four themes (starting university, careers in the law, deciding what to study and the transition from school to 1st year at university and from 1st year to 2nd year) and in groups of two, prepared their individual presentations. The various practices certainly paid off and the presentations were all excellent resulting in a lively Q and A session at the end. We are now planning more such sessions in schools.

A huge well done to Aleen Idrees, Augustina Berejanschi, Katja Kacanovska, Mbike Ebe, Jasmine Glatter, Tara Asghari and Temi Olorunleke!

Here’s some of the feedback:

‘I found this talk incredibly useful, as it gave a really interesting insight into what studying law at university is really like. The students answered questions incredibly well and in perfect detail, and I would say that I feel encouraged to consider studying law because of these factors.’

‘I found the session really informative. I liked how they also including information about university life as it can seem daunting. It was nice to be able to get information from actual university students and the questions were very well answered.’

‘I thought the session was really good, the students provided information about law and university life coherently and answered our questions well.’

‘Really interesting talk, all presenters were really helpful and gave great advice. There were no questions that the presenters were not able to answer. I especially found it reassuring to know all of the resources available once we get to university, and it was great to get an insight on how to organise yourself to keep on top of the work load.’

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