Essex Law Clinic: Alumni Profile – Manul Ranasingha

I graduated with a 2:1 degree in Law last year. Once I received the grades last summer I was faced with the daunting questions of ‘where next’? Prior to my admission into University, I had the aspiration of going into corporate law where my skills in commercial awareness could be fine-tuned and applied on a practical level. But during my degree, I volunteered for the Essex Law Clinic and took modules such as Legal Advice Case Work and Alternative Dispute Resolution. This changed how I viewed the profession and I wanted to find an opportunity to help and provide a service that helps those who are unable to access such services otherwise.

Of course, with the pandemic, my aspirations of further study were affected. So, I am currently working in a school helping children with learning difficulties try and navigate their learning during this difficult period. With the time that I have and with what I can offer, I wanted to help those who were affected by the pandemic in a direct way. I currently have the option of further training with the aim of getting into teaching. But with summer approaching I am looking to apply for part-time LPC courses alongside my teacher training with the ultimate aim of working in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Top Tip!
If I had to give current students advice, it would be: MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN! Put yourself out there, leave an impression by taking as many opportunities to help others, honing your own skills in the process. The options available in this University such as project work and clinic work are not often seen anywhere else so they are a valuable avenue to use. The legal field needs more students who are willing to operate with a strong moral base with selflessness and empathy and this is not often emphasised in legal education in this country. Proactivity with this mind-set is something I wish to maintain throughout the rest of my professional career and I am grateful for my time at the Essex Law School for helping me nurture those skills.

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