What’s it like being a Law Star? Hear from our previous star Mike Oni!

photo of student Mike Oni

One of the best things that motivate me as a Law Star (Peer Mentor) is the fact that I am contributing to the university as a whole. I believe that is what fuels my daily work, and the activities I partake in. As a Law Star, I act as a representative for the law students, and assist my supervisor. My role involves meetings with first year law students, giving tips on how they can settle down into law school, and sharing my own experience as a law student to help improve the lives of other students. It was quite interesting because I was able to interact with students from various backgrounds, and learnt a whole lot of things about myself. Also, I attended weekly sessions with my mentees to provide support, workshops with other Law Stars, and answered all the questions posed to me.

With all these responsibilities I had, I still came across a few challenges along the road. As we all know, life is never a bed of roses. But it was great because we discover a lot about ourselves during tough times. I was not used to speaking to a large group of students before, and a big part of my role as a Law Star was to give my own candid opinion to hundreds of students during workshops hosted by Bev Jackson. I overcame this fear by realizing that my love for helping others cannot be compromised by my little fear of public speaking. Also, with time I got used to it. To anyone out there that is scared of taking up a position like this, my advice will be to ‘step out of your comfort zone, and explore’. Because at the end of the day, a career in law requires one to be able to communicate effectively, and that is one of the skills I have built as a law star overtime.

This role has definitely changed my approach in life, and matured me in areas of speaking, solving problems, and staying positive. Despite the COVID-19, I made the choice of staying firm and tight. It is never easy to balance a role like this with your degree. Hence, time management is another skill that will be learnt whilst working as a peer mentor. I had to plan my time effectively so as not to get too stressed.

My advice to future law stars is ‘throw yourself out there, and do not be scared’. Nobody has it all figured out so do not worry about being lost. Never settle for less, and always step out of your comfort zone. This is like a public service and you are helping people in so many ways. The feedback is always great, and keeps me moving. There is so much joy that comes with volunteering, and helping for a cause. Therefore, make sure you keep your head high, and do your possible best because that is what you will be remembered for.

You can find out more about our Law Stars on Moodle and our Instagram page.

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