Following my dream of going to University

Guest Post by Daisy Doardo – First year law student and trainee lawyer (QWE for the SQE)

Shared with thanks to Daisy Doardo, originally published via THE LEGAL BRIEF, issue no.49 – 21 July 2021 produced
by KC Partners.

Having dropped out of sixth form due to mental health challenges (depression and being suicidal), I didn’t think that attending university would be an option for me, let alone qualifying as a lawyer. Years later, after 5 years in the insurance industry and a travel break, I got into university with a foundation year and scored the highest mark! I’m now a first year student at the School of Law – University of Essex, Marketing Manager at Tiger Law and a commercial law trainee. I advocate a trauma-informed approach to mental health to promote radical self-acceptance, healing and an end to stigma. I have just launched a series called Remote Law Life to push back against forced office returns (which are bad for us, our families, our societies and our planet).

‘Ad astra per aspera’

has been my computer background for months now.
It means, through hardship to the stars.

What attracted you to law?
Sadly, I was subjected to sexual harassment at work. Forced out of the insurance career I had worked so hard to build, I felt that I had to stand up for myself and all of the other women (and men) who were unable to take a stand. It didn’t turn out as heroically as I thought, but after months of negotiations, I decided to ignore my paralegal’s advice and got myself a better settlement. I realised that if I could do this for myself, I could do it for others and so decided to follow my dream of going to university and embarked on a law degree.

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