Meet our Essex Law Clinic Firm Manager Emma Newton and find out about her placement year!

Hi, I am a Firm Manager and Silver member at the Law Clinic. In addition to my involvement with
the Clinic, I have just returned from my placement year working as a paralegal within the family department of Dominic Levent Solicitors. Throughout my placement year, I benefitted from the opportunity to work closely on a number of private family law cases, including divorce and financial remedy matters, as well as several complex domestic abuse injunctions. The scope of my work included assisting in the preparation and drafting of court documents, as well as corresponding directly with clients, the courts and opposing solicitors. I attended court hearings (albeit remotely as a result of Covid-19), as well as engaged in conferences with senior counsel (barristers) alongside the Head of the family department. In addition to the legal aspect of my work, I worked closely with the partners of the firm to develop the firm’s website, as well as re-designing their email signature and providing general assistance in managing their online presence.

When I began my degree at the University of Essex, I had not intended to embark upon a placement year, and it was not until the end of my first year at Essex that I decided to do so. Having now returned from my placement, I can confidently say that it was one of the best and most insightful years of my life, and one which has truly shaped my future career path. Not only have I learned an unbelievable amount about the inner workings of family law proceedings, but I have also developed significantly on a personal level, as well as making several amazing friends and memories that I will always remember.

If you are considering taking a placement year, I would highly recommend it!

If you are interested in a Placement Year, please contact the Placements and Work Based Learning Team at

Also see

You can also speak to Liz Fisher-Frank ( who is the Placement Coordinator for the Law Department.

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